Hello, my name is

Ragul Kumar

Technical Sourcer


As a highly experienced Tech Sourcer based in Los Angeles, I bring forth a robust track record of over 6 years specializing in R&D, GTM, and Product hiring.

Highly accomplished Technical Sourcer with a demonstrated expertise in talent acquisition, candidate sourcing, and engagement. With a keen eye for identifying and attracting top technical professionals, I have successfully supported organizations in fulfilling their staffing requirements and driving the business growth. Leveraging my in depth knowledge of the Tech industry in the global sourcing, I employ a strategic approach to effictively source, evaluate, and present qualified candidates to the Hiring Manager. My strong communication and relationship building skills enable me to establish connections with candidates, fostering a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.

What I love to do

As a Technical Sourcer, things that I love to do is: Full cycle recruitment, Global Sourcing, Stakeholder Management, Candidate experience, Employer branding, R&D and GTM hirings. I find fulfillment in identifying and engaging with talented individuals while building strong relationships. Staying current with industry trends and continuously learning about emerging technologies allows me to effectively source top technical professionals. Contributing to organizational growth through strategic talent acquisition and collaborating with cross-functional teams is both rewarding and impactful. I embrace data-driven decision making, leveraging analytics to optimize sourcing strategies and enhance the candidate experience. In the dynamic field of technical talent acquisition, these aspects combine to create a fulfilling and exciting professional journey.


I have experience and sourced for many global countries like, United States, Singapore, India and Australia. Strong focus on Engineering (R&D) roles, Marketing/Sales/Support (GTM) roles, Product/Design (Creative) roles.

Stakeholder Management

I like to get involved in the Hiring Manager and Clients discussion. I have managed the clients and the Hiring Manager and have a strong Stakeholder management skill which includes, creating reports, weekly meetings and updates, presentation, talent mapping, hiring strategies, etc.

Candidate experience

My utmost goal is the candidate experience (CX). I aways make sure, I provide the highest level of positive candidate experience, which will not help me to develop a good bonding with the candidates, but also help in the Employer branding as well.


Full cycle recruiting

Stakeholder Management

Global Sourcing

X Ray search

Boolean logic

Greenhouse Software

LinkedIn Recruiter


R&D Hiring

GTM Hiring

Product & Design Hiring

Employer Branding

Candidate Experience



My Experience:

2022 - 2023

Pure Storage & Twilio

Technical Sourcer

I was a part of the R&D team. Recruited for Engineering and Product roles. At PURE, Supported their Portworx team, which is a Kubernetes Storage platform. At TWILIO, supported their Flex team, which is a digital engagement center.

2018 - 2022

Aditi Consulting / Salesforce

LEAD REcruiter

I was a part of the GTM team. Recruited for Marketing, Product, Finance, Sales, and Creative roles. Supported their Sales cloud, Marketing cloud, Tableau and Slack business unit.

2017 - 2018

Artech / Google

TECHnical Recruiter

I was a part of the Sales team. Recruited for Sales, and R4R roles. Supported their Google cloud, Youtube, Google Nest, Verily and Waymo business unit.

Clients I have worked for: